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World Indices

Indices Value Up/Dn Up/Dn(%)
DOW FUT 21560 +32 0.15
DAX 12264 +55 0.45
CAC40 5161 +33.38 0.65
FTSE100 7435 +57 0.77
TAIWAN 10430 -32.80 0.31
SHANGHAI 3228 -15.22 0.47
NIKKEI 20031 +75.80 0.38
HANGSENG 26896 +44.34 0.16

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Depository Services

JVCS is a registered DP with CDSL.

A Depository facilitates holding of securities in the electronic form and enables securities transactions to be processed by book entry by a Depository Participant (DP), who as an agent of the depository, offers depository services to investors.

 A depository functions somewhat similar to a commercial bank. To avail of the services offered by a depository, the investor has to open a demat account with a registered DP .

CDSL has a wide network of DPs, operating from over 6000 sites, across the country, offering convenience for an investor to select a DP based on his location.

CDSL has kept its tariffs very competitive to provide affordable depository services to investors.

In order to assist a CDSL demat account holder to easily adapt to the fast reducing settlement cycle, CDSL has introduced easi, its Internet-enabled services to empower a demat account holder in managing his securities ‘anytime-anywhere’ in an efficient and convenient manner, all in a state-of-the-art secure environment.

easi, which enables a ‘Demat Account Holder or Beneficial Owner’ (BO)  to view the holdings and transactions.

1.    What is easi?
easi (electronic access to securities information) is a convenient, easy to operate internet based facility, which allows registered Beneficial Owners (BOs) & Clearing Members (CMs) to access their demat account through the internet to check the details of their holdings and/or transactions, anytime anywhere, through CDSL’s website www.cdslindia.com.

2.    What are the benefits of easi to BOs?

  1. Viewing and printing details of holdings and/or transactions for last 7 days in their account.
  2. Viewing and printing the valuation of holdings in their demat account based on the previous day’s closing price on BSE.
  3. Viewing multiple demat accounts through a single login id.
  4. Monitoring corporate announcements related to the securities, held in their demat account. A BO also has the additional option to add upto 25 ISINs not held in their demat account, but wishes to monitor corporate announcements for such ISINs.

SMART (SMS Alerts Related to Transactions) is CDSL's SMS alert facility in which registered investors will receive alerts for all types of debits and for credits due to IPO allotments and corporate actions. Thus, SMART acts as an effective risk control mechanism for monitoring you demat account.

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