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World Indices

Indices Value Up/Dn Up/Dn(%)
DOW FUT 21560 +32 0.15
DAX 12264 +55 0.45
CAC40 5161 +33.38 0.65
FTSE100 7435 +57 0.77
TAIWAN 10430 -32.80 0.31
SHANGHAI 3228 -15.22 0.47
NIKKEI 20031 +75.80 0.38
HANGSENG 26896 +44.34 0.16

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Art InvestmentClick here for Art Gallery

We have decided to add Art as an investment vehicle for our clients and readers due to the increased interest over the last few years. Prices have risen dramatically but the lack of transparency in pricing has put off a lot of potential buyers. We are introducing works from lower price ranges which many would like to purchase for visual pleasure only and at the same time has the potential to become an investment over a period of time. We will also display some premium art of renowned artists to cater to the serious art collector/investor. Should there be some particular artists you have an interest in, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Study has shown that art holds demand in the market during an economic boom as well as a slowdown. Investing in art is one alternative investment strategy, which has been gaining increasing acceptance around the world. The increasing activity of art auction houses over the last decade has provided an important secondary market which has resulted in liquidity, promoting art not only as an object of pleasure but also as an inevitable asset.

The launch of many online art auction houses and art funds has fueled the interest and with foreigners also now acknowledging Indian Artists , there is good potential for further capital appreciation over the coming years. Several media channels more known for their financial content are also now discussing art on a more regular basis , giving greater exposure to the public and educating them on a new investment in art opportunity.

The Indian art market is entering a period of accelerating change and complexity. At the same time, conflicts of interest within the art market are giving rise to the need for independent and objective advice on art due diligence and art investment. This is all the more important as the prices of quality art with strong provenance and good condition are expected to continue to increase in the long term.

Just as one should obtain independent and objective advice when making a financial investment, the same holds true for investing in high value works of art. This, however, is not always easy to obtain. To date such advice has been provided largely by art dealers, galleries and auction houses for which conflicts of interest could exist.

Click here for Art Gallery

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