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World Indices

Indices Value Up/Dn Up/Dn(%)
DOW FUT 21350 -10 0.05
DAX 12770.83 +37.42 0.29
CAC40 5295.75 +29.63 0.56
FTSE100 7446.80 +22.67 0.30
TAIWAN 10514.03 -0.07 00
SHANGHAI 3182.66 -2.78 0.09
NIKKEI 20216.38 +63.03 0.31
HANGSENG 25894.55 +22.66 0.09

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Risk Management System

Capital Segment only

  1. The collection of pay in, margin, limits setting for exposures & turnover for clients, terminals and branches are DONE ONLY AT HO LEVEL & ONLY ON DAILY BASIS.
  2. The monitoring of Debit balances are on daily basis.
  3. Trading Member has a system of periodic reconciliation wherein client has expressly accept the balance confirmation.
  4. Trading Member will request for old debits to the clients, if client will not clear his/her debit then TM will take legal action against him/her.
  5. Every client can request for fund payout and securities transfer held with Trading Member.
  6. Trading Member will intimate the client by registered email id with us for Payin of fund and securities done by the client for Margin purposes.
  7. Trading Member can square off all positions after losing 85% of margin of every client.
  8. Risk Management procedure will vary from client to client as per their Trust and margin fund deposited with.
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