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World Indices

Indices Value Up/Dn Up/Dn(%)
DOW FUT 26,258.00 +27.00 0.74
DAX 12,444.78 +34.53 0.28
CAC40 5,657.99 +15.13 0.27
FTSE100 7,349.95 +5.28 0.07
TAIWAN 10,827.55 +37.20 0.34
SHANGHAI 3,031.24 +22.43. 0.75
NIKKEI 21,988.29 +228.68 1.05
HANG SENG 27,352.69 +2.65.06 0.98

JV Capital Update

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Equity & Derivatives

JV Capital Services (P) Ltd was promoted in 1995 by professionals having a rich experience in the financial service sector.In short, a team that is a synergy of the enthusiasm of youth and the wisdom of experience. Our years of experience have taught us the value of being a reputable company that takes your investments and financial decisions as seriously as you do. Our direct and transparent dealings with clients ensures that whatever the market conditions the advice given will be impartial and in the best interests of the individual.

Our Managing Director, Sajiv Dhawan appears regularly on CNBC , Bloomberg UTV , ET NOW and Times Now TV Channels as a well regarded expert analyst of the markets and has an excellent track record in stock recommendations and index trading. His direct and impartial advice which investors can relate to makes him one of the more popular analysts on TV. He has also appeared on Star TV and BBC World TV. His comments also appear on several websites which track the Indian Equity Markets. International viewers would also have seen him on South Asia World.

The JV Group of Companies with its sound financial base and support of a very professional Board, is in the position to render various financial services desired by industry and individuals alike.JV Capital has its main offices in Bombay and New Delhi as well as branches all over India.

Our clients include corporates, retail investors and non resident Indians who come to us for an unbiased opinion on how to achieve their investment goals depending on each individuals risk profile. Our expertise in Indian ADR and GDRs also gives our clients an insight and information which most investors are not aware of. In a world where stock market movements in one country may have an impact on domestic markets it is important for local investors to know how the global investor community regards India as an investment destination.

Cash Markets

If you have ever bought or sold shares through a Stock Broker, you will know that it can be very expensive, especially for smaller transaction. If you are looking for a cost effective, focused service, with the most competitive handling fees per transaction you should find that our Dealing Service is the best way to buy and sell your shares. Open an Account

JV Capital Services - a Member of the National Stock Exchange of India and a Dealer of the Over The Counter Exchange of India, as well as having a live Delhi and Bombay Stock Exchange terminals in our offices. It provides our clients with a first class service, whether you are an experienced investor, or trying to get to grips with the Stock Market for the first time.
Our Share Dealing Telephone Service is available to answer your queries. Call it up for up to date facts and figures on all the markets before you make your investment decisions. One of our experienced executives will be pleased to give you an advisory service should you require it.

We offer two types of Broking Services :-
Execution-Only Service

Our standard level of service where clients can telephone or Email their orders to us. The order will be confirmed by a trader. The clients can check back at any time to confirm whether the trade has been executed or not. A confirmation of the trades will be sent at the end of the trading session. Payments / deliveries etc. should be sent or picked up by clients. Contract notes will be sent by post.
This service will attract our lowest level of brokerage.

Advisory Service

You will be assigned two personal traders. One principal and one backup person, who will be responsible for all your orders and confirming trades executed. They will update you on any significant movements in the market and your shares. You will be given our recommendations for buying, selling and holding scrips, if you desire. More importantly you will be advised on whether the scrip is speculative or for delivery and when one should enter or exit the scrip. Confirmations will be faxed, emailed or given on the telephone. Deliveries , cheques and all other documents will be collected by us for local clients.

This service is for those clients who prefer a more value added personal service.

This service will attract a slightly higher brokerage than Execution Only.
Futures Markets

The introduction of futures and options trading has changed the face of Indian stock markets with investors having access to a new market where they can hedge their investments in certain stocks , have limited risk positions which give higher returns in percentage terms and can leverage their positions by paying a margin towards the purchase of the stocks they have bought.

Futures contracts expire monthly on the last Thursday of every month and have minimum lot sizes for the stocks that can be traded. Currently there is a limited list of stocks available in the futures and options market (SEE LIST). We specialize in advising clients on strategies in this market and one of our traders will be happy to advise clients on a strategy with best suits the clients need.

For example if you are bullish on a stock and have a price target for a month rather then buy the underlying stock in the cash market you can buy an option which is a limited risk investment. If the markets crash the maximum you can lose is what you have paid for the option. If you owned the underlying stock your loss could be much more. Also if one is bullish or bearish on the market as a whole, rather than pick individual stocks one can buy or sell the NSE Index (NIFTY) for a small margin payment and hold the position for a month at a time with the option of exiting at any time up to the expiry.

There are many strategies and our derivatives section will give you more information. Clients can always call us for advisory services.

Derivatives Information

The following information is available on Derivatives

1. Myths behind Derivatives.

2. Investors Guide to Derivatives

3. Workbook on Derivatives (Available by e-mail- Please request)

Understanding Margins
Click here to download.


1. Introduction to Derivatives

   1.1 The development of Exchange- Traded derivatives
   1.2 Forward Contracts
   1.3 Limitations of forward markets
   1.4 Introduction to futures
   1.5 Index Futures
   1.6 Introduction to Options

2. Pricing of Index futures

   2.1 The Cost of Carry Model
   2.2 Futures contracts on equity
   2.3 Index Futures
   2.4 Futures Pricing in case of expected dividend yield
   2.5 Nuances

3. Trading, Clearing and Settlement

   3.1 Trading
   3.2 Clearing and Settlement
   3.3 Initial Margin

4. Using Index Futures

   4.1 H1: Long stock, short S&P CNX Nifty futures
   4.2 H2: Short stock, long S&P CNX Nifty futures
   4.3 H3: Have portfolio, short S&P CNX Nifty futures
   4.4 H4: Have funds, buy S&P CNX Nifty futures
   4.5 S5: Bullish index, long S&P CNX Nifty futures
   4.6 S5: Bearish index, short S&P CNX Nifty futures
   4.7 A7: Have funds, lend them to the market
   4.8 A8: Have securities, lend them to the market

5. Regulatory Framework

6. Initial margin requirements

   6.1 Risk Management
   6.2 J R Verma Group Report

7. Glossary
For a complete look at the workbook click here
(please note it will take a few minutes to download because of the large file size)

Online Trading India
Research Report

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805, Chiranjiv Tower, Nehru Place, Delhi-110019,
Tel: +91 - 11 - 41654880
+91 - 11 - 41654861

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