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World Indices

Indices Value Up/Dn Up/Dn(%)
DOW FUT 27,208.00 +32.00 0.12
DAX 12,289.40 +29.33 0.24
CAC40 5,567.02 +14.68 0.26
FTSE100 7,514.93 +6.23 0.08
TAIWAN 10,943.26 -1.27 0.01
SHANGHAI 2,886.93 -0.04 0.04
NIKKEI 21,662.89 +246.10 1.15
HANG SENG 28,422.28 +51.02 0.18

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Make Money With Our Proven "TREND" System For Free

JVCS has being testing for the last few years a unique trend following system which has consistently delivered profits over a period of time to disciplined and patient traders. This does not follow any fundamentals and is objective in entry and exits. It is purely a TREND FOLLOWING METHOD which does give losses at times but over a longer period will give good returns when markets trend either up or down. We have researched many stocks and highlighted those which have given the best trending records. We can show you test results for other stocks on request. We have been running live trades with our own funds and now feel comfortable to share the system with clients and traders.

There are many people selling levels, systems and most simply do not work (as we have tried many over the years!!). Most people selling such systems DO NOT FOLLOW THEIR OWN ADVICE and are just interested in collecting monthly fees with no risk to themselves. Some work of profit sharing basis but again there is little downside to them as they are trading with YOUR money.

We now will offer our clients a chance to make steady gains so that they too can take advantage of this unique system and are so confident that you will make money over a period of time that we will gladly give you levels (when they come) for no cost if you are an active client. As with all successful systems the FEWER the trades you do in a year the more profitable it will be for you. The more you trade the more costs you will pay and more losses you will probably get due to stop losses and fresh entries coming. We have always been transparent in our dealings and have advocated that successful traders need to have some objective strategies in place and do not have to trade daily to make profits. Our levels come at the end of the day / morning so you do not have to trade several times a day to make this work and do not need to get distracted by short term movements during the day.

For new/inactive clients we will offer the levels FREE for 3 months to allow you to paper trade and follow the recommendations with no risk to your capital. If at the end of that period you wish to continue we again are confident that you will make profits that again we will offer a guarantee that we will refund the monthly fee if you are not satisfied with the results or if you lose money (after following the levels correctly). Our trading team will always be available to guide you and advise you on any trade you do. Money management is important and crucial to your long term success and we will discuss this with each client before they trade live. Over trading and leverage will wipe out most traders at some stage when emotion over takes objectivity in trading.

If you would like the full list and track record of stocks studied please email support@jvfinancial.com or call Head Office on 011-41654860-61-62 for more details. We will email you the results in Excel format.

We will also be posting the levels on our website www.sharetrading.in but these may be in delay from actual entry to ensure our clients get the best possible execution prices and information first.

We also suggest you look at our nifty trading record on the website. Most traders and investors would have lost far more money in their normal trading activities due to indiscipline and poor trading habits. There are still clients who are annualising returns of 20-30% per annum for the last 7 years trading just the nifty with totally objectivity and discipline. We can suggest options as well as futures strategies. Call us now for more details....

Yours truly
Sajiv Dhawan

Online Trading India
Research Report

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805, Chiranjiv Tower, Nehru Place, Delhi-110019,
Tel: +91 - 11 - 41654880
+91 - 11 - 41654861

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